Aug 24

2011 IronMountain Championships

Dave “Dr. Buff” Patterson and John “Igor” Shephard at the 2010 IronMountain Championships.

Last year at the 1st Annual IronGod Productions of the IronMountain Championships held in Wenatchee, WA, The Dr. came out in a coffin wheeled out by ‘Igor’ and redefined guest-posing.  This year it’s gonna be even bigger and better!  Can you say Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” routine done bodybuilding-style?

That’s right folks, Gordon Myco’s 2011 Halloween-themed show is going to set the competitive community on its ear!  Dave “Dr. Buff” Patterson, known for his creative and entertaining routines for over 10 years including dressing in drag (remember Jamie Foxx as Wanda and Martin Lawrence as Sha-nae-nae?  Well…Dave was ugly-prettier than the both of them!) is working on a choreographed routine that the bodybuilding community has never seen the likes of before!  I don’t know of ANYONE who hasn’t seen Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.  Well…we’re gonna do Michael’s ‘Thriller’ bodybuilding style with full goulish makeup, props, stage lighting, choreography…you name it, we’re doin’ it – with our own lil’ twist to it!   Many other groups, clubs, dance troupes, etc., have done Michael’s ‘Thriller’ but nobody’s done it like this!  You definitely want to be a part of this bodybuilding extravaganza!!!

Here’s my call-to-action from all my competitor friends – male, female, bodybuilding, figure, fitness (yes…that means you, Tanji – I need a co-lead!!), and bikini -I NEED YOUR HELP in making this an epic event!  Beginning THIS COMING SUNDAY (Aug 28th) at 1 p.m., we’ll be meeting every weekend at MY Fitness in Renton, WA to bring this all together.  You don’t have to be a dancer to do this.  I’ll teach you all the moves and choreography (and welcome ideas from anyone and everyone).  I finished editing the music last night – flawless.   I have some basic concepts on what I’d like to do but we’ll have to see how everyone ‘flows’ to truly make this memorable.  Plan on working hard…and plan on perfect execution!  For more on that, read my blog on “Perfect Practice makes Perfect Posing” at http://www.craigproductions.com/component/idoblog/userblog/65. We’ll practice as long as we have to, and as often as we have to.

So what kind of competitors am I looking for?  First, I’m looking for disciplined individuals who can commit to this project.  Remember, we’re not professional dancers so we’ll have to put time into this.  We have 10 weeks from this coming weekend.  I would need each individual to commit to 7 out of those 10 weeks.  Some weekends I may hold a Saturday AND Sunday workshop to allow everyone to make it.  I’m also looking for the competitors in contest or near-contest shape.  We’ll be hittin’ some hard poses and nothing looks better than when muscles “Pop”!   So don’t let your abs become one big ab! 🙂

As I said, I’ll teach you all the bodybuilding poses along with choreographing out the routine.  Don’t be afraid…if you have the commitment, I have the time to teach you!  Can you imagine the audience’s reaction when all of these ghouls, goblins, un-deads, werewolves, vampires, and anything else you can think of come slithering out from behind the curtains (and maybe even down the isles…oh…and with that said, you’ll all get to design your own body makeup, including your face or mask!)?  The sky is the limit on your creativity!  Just remember that you’ll be in your posing/figure/bikini suit – it IS a bodybuilding contest, y’know…:)

John “Igor” Shephard, Dave “Dr. Buff” Patterson, Jacques and Kris “The Un-Deads” Pitcher

More info to come…keep this Sunday open, and weekends available.  If you can’t commit, feel free to share this and spread the word to other competitors – we’re looking for a stage full of scaries!



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