Aug 07

Motivation IS NOT your ticket to success

Here’s a FB post by Pauline Nordin of Fighter Diet. Several years ago I wrote a series of blogs on this very subject. One of my favorite sayings is, “If motivation and inspiration doesn’t lead to perspiration, then they’re simply wasted words.” I still believe that motivation and inspiration can be an initial start, but quickly will fall by the wayside if a person isn’t mentally disciplined. Want results? Get your head in the game. State what you want to accomplish. Set up an action plan to accomplish it. Go accomplish it. Motivation and inspiration starts. Commitment and discipline finishes.

You always hear about how hard it is to stay motivated.
How Hard it is to stick to a program. Difficult to follow through.

It’s like the song with [the] Beatles “You say you want a revolution” but then you cannot just DEAL with what it takes to get that fitness revolution.

Constant looking for the perfect plan, the perfect workout, the “secret”, you want to get under the skin of people who have the bodies and minds YOU want because you think they are onto some kind of motivation from above that’s never ceasing.

Get a grip! Motivation is nothing you can ever rely on.

Motivation is not what will get you in shape.

You will have weeks of low motivation when you don’t want to train, don’t want to eat what gives you the body you want.

It does not matter how much you love working out or eating healthy, some days will suck. it’s like life. Are you going to throw in the towel if you have a shitty day? I hope not!

The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is what goes on in their minds: Work ethic.You got to have work ethic.

You cannot buy it, you cannot learn it unless you practice it.

Work ethic is showing up for work when you don’t want to because it’s what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Work ethic is to always do your best in order to meet your personal high standards and expectations.

When I feel unmotivated I don’t panic.

I know it’s not my first rodeo feeling that. Been there, felt that.

Some days the last thing I want is to work out and I also know it is definitely not the last time I will have that feeling.

However, I am experienced enough to know I will grow more as a person if I adhere to the plan no matter what, giving myself no options. If there are no options there is just one thing to do and that is do what I said I was going to do.

I have pride. I don’t flake on myself. I show up as planned.

I don’t gain any mental strength from skipping workouts or restart my diet after this or that weekend.
It’s immature to think “this time I will do it, this time I will succeed”.

You have a personal track record, right? If you fail too many times it is what you do: you are ok with failing over and over. It becomes a habit. You ARE what you DO.

Work on not restarting time and time again. Pick up where you left instead, do not restart “fresh on monday” blabla.

I don’t have any “secrets” on how I can stay lean and shredded.

I do know what I do not do: I don’t slack, I don’t make excuses, I don’t go off and eat crap every now and then when it’s not on the plan, I don’t self medicate myself here and there with junk food.

I treat my body and mind as a business. It’s being run professionally, there are no other ways to do business WELL.



Source: Pauline Nordin