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Jul 24

The Burger Lab: Revisiting the Myth of The 12-Year Old McDonald’s Burger That Just Won’t Rot (Testing Results!) | Serious Eats

Here’s a great blog I stumbled upon that explains the ‘myth’ behind the McDonald’s burger. As always, once we look at the real science, we learn that it’s not so mythical at all. Read how ALL burgers can either mold or NOT mold. Enjoy… [Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] A few weeks back, I started an …

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Apr 29

Be Perfect Today: Part XXX – 30-for-30: The Final Chapter

Keanu Reeves - Gentlemen-its been an honor

Today is the last day in the ‘Be Perfect Today’ blog series. I’m tired. For over 75 straight days, this 60-year old body has been absolutely perfect in not only the blogs (30 in 30 days) but the training, nutrition, and cardio. How did this come about? Like this… My team was struggling mentally around 3 …

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Apr 28

Be Perfect Today: Part XXVIV – Sometimes Things Just Go Sideways

Rachael DeRoche - takeoff

“Remember, winning – taking 1st Place – isn’t the criteria for success. It’s the effort and sacrifice made for improvement and achievement that is most important. 1st Place is nice. We all want it. That’s what we train for, right? But sometimes that’s just out of our sphere at this point in time.” David R. …

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Apr 27

Be Perfect Today: Part XXVIII – Be A Buster

Commitment - You cannot make a real commitment until

Less than two weeks.  That’s all we have left.  For many of you this will be your first venture onto a stage.  For many others this will be your 5th, 10th, or 15th+ time onstage.  It doesn’t matter how many you’ve done or  how you placed or hope to place.  We all have one underlying …

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Apr 26

Be Perfect Today: Part XXVII – Joe DeRousie: Quiet Storm

Boot Camp2

Today’s blog is a repost from 2013 on my good friend, Joe DeRousie. Joe is one of the few individuals I truly respect in this sport. Narcissism doesn’t exist in his vocabulary or world. Read on and find out what I mean. Enjoy…  When I was in basic training in the military, we had daily …

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