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Jan 02

STOP Bashing Fellow Competitors!

Baby - When you look cute but you're not contest-ready

Over the past few years I’ve seen an increasing number of FB posts from competitors that trouble me. Posts that are mean-spirited at best, and downright derogatory, spiteful, hateful, nasty, and well…just plain embarrassing to someone (me) who’s been in this industry for over 40 years. What am I talking about? The shaming and belittling …

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Aug 26

Butter In Your Coffee and Other Cons: Stories From a Fitness Insider

5 seconds apart

Here’s a GREAT blog I saw in the newsfeed of one of my FB friends. I was taught, and teach to this day, that there’s nothing magical about supplements. They’re not steroids. Not in the least. You simply cannot buy an over-the-counter product and have it do what they (the marketers and manufacturers) would have …

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Aug 07

Motivation IS NOT your ticket to success

Fighter Diet - Pauline Nordin1

Here’s a FB post by Pauline Nordin of Fighter Diet. Several years ago I wrote a series of blogs on this very subject. One of my favorite sayings is, “If motivation and inspiration doesn’t lead to perspiration, then they’re simply wasted words.” I still believe that motivation and inspiration can be an initial start, but …

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Aug 07

Things I Wish I Knew About Bodybuilding and Competing But No One Told Me – SweetCapri

Amanda Eva10

My friend, Amanda Eva, of SweetCapri fame, is known on the east coast as a force to be reckoned with. A lil’ Mighty Mouse, so to speak, so when she ‘speaks’, Doc listens. Amanda pulls no punches in this great read on the competitive side of the fitness industry. We’d all like to think that …

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Jul 26

WOMEN IN TRANSITION – Your “aha!” Moment

Amanda Eva9

My good friend and person who’s done so much to help redesign both my websites, and offer invaluable suggestions on building my t-shirt business, Amanda Eva, wrote an excellent opening blog on transitioning from your ‘job’ to your passion and career. I learned years ago that I wasn’t good at working FOR others. I can …

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