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Sports eGaming: How To Get In On A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

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Every few years, something new comes along that’s considered a game-changer. Something so unique, so different, so revolutionary that many people just can’t wrap their heads around it. Well, like Samsung, get ready to be introduced to “The Next Big Thing: Sports eGaming”. BUT, not just Sports eGaming, but eGaming with an opportunity to make money. Lots of money. Wanna learn more? Keep reading…

Don’t over-think this because it’s not a thinking business. It’s a sharing business. Now before you click out or tune out (like I almost did when I first heard about this), keep reading, because this gets interesting REAL QUICK!

The world of mobile apps has exploded onto the scene literally changing our lives. Over 100 Billion apps have been downloaded generating a new world of economic growth totaling $45 Billion. And we are at the very beginning! In the next two years, this market is projected to grow by 168% totaling over 268 Billion apps downloaded and generating over $200 Billion in revenue.

And right now….GAMES are the star of the show. The top revenue generating apps in the world are GAMES. Games like Clash of Clans, Game of War, Candy Crush, and others. These games see between $500,000 and $1.5 million PER DAY in revenue – with anywhere from 20,000-120,000 people downloading the app DAILY.

So let me ask you, what if you could get in on a piece of the next hot GAME to hit the app stores? Not just a game but an innovative, interactive SportsApp game? What if you could get in on the action BEFORE THE GAME IS EVEN RELEASED? In the upcoming short 4 minute-video, I’m going to show you a new game that is coming out this fall that is going to be the next billion dollar player in the app world. I’m going to show you what it is, how big it will be, and how you could own a piece of it. Ready? Let’s go.


Have you noticed the absolute “craze” of fantasy sports? Over 56 million people in America play fantasy – and it’s growing. People will spend over 8 hours a week playing and the Fantasy companies that got a jump on the market have been vastly rewarded. You know em I’m sure….FanDuel, DraftKings. These companies are making over a billion dollars a year providing the fantasy experience for American consumers.

But what’s interesting is that those numbers are ridiculously small when compared with the world of sports fans! More the 290 Million people watch sports – and they don’t spend 8 hours a week involved, they spend almost 18 hours a week (at peak times) being a sports fan and watching! So if over 90% of Americans are sports fans, but only 20% play fantasy….why don’t the majority of fans play?

Research shows that sports fans don’t play fantasy for a number of reasons:
● They feel like it’s gambling and they have an ethical call against it.
● Fantasy is changing the game — making it too much about stats and algorithms and not about their team and the game.
● Fantasy threatens to divide their loyalty as a fan – forcing them to cheer for players on opposing teams, and picking from teams they don’t care about.
● It’s too difficult to get started.
● There’s a low to no chance of winning unless you devote your life to it.
● And the list goes on…

But what if there was a better way to play? What if a new game came to the scene, one that embraced these fans. One that allowed them to play along with their favorite team, cheer for their favorite players….eliminating the negatives of fantasy while at the same time having a fun, competitive personal experience right along with the game. And what if you could play that game by yourself, or with your closest sports buddies, or with a giant group of fans all interested in the same game where you get to meet people from all over the world that like the same things you do.

Well we have that game…..and it’s coming. And it will explode on the scene because this game is a better way to play. And it’s done right.

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Brought to you by some of the best-game makers in America, this new game is being built by the same people that brought you the leading sports games on the market today. Mark Mongie, former Senior Creative Director for EA Sports, responsible for Madden Football, NCAA Football, and NASCAR leads the charge making this new app a real-time experience that is fun, social, and adaptable for age and experience.

And the best part is, everybody wins! Remember going to the arcade? You got your tokens, you played your games, and depending on how well you played, the game produced  tickets that you got to redeem for prizes!

Well this game is going to bring out the kid in all of us providing an arcade-like experience for kids and adults alike. You play your token, earn tickets, and redeem those tickets for prizes. The only difference is, instead of trading in your 100 tickets for a roll of Smarties, you’ll redeem your tickets for shirts, hats, gift cards, electronics, travel, and even tickets to big games!

Just think of the possibilities!

If you’ve ever wanted to be part of something special, something that explodes into the world and you get to say, “I heard about that game before you could even download it,” or “I saw that thing and knew how big it was going to be, and was smart enough to get in on it,” then join us today.

We are giving an exclusive group of people the opportunity to become Affiliates of United Games Marketing, helping us share this app with the world, and we are going to give them a piece of the revenue it generates.

The app will be FREE, driving revenue through in-app purchases, benefit-loaded subscriptions, FREEMIUM play, and advertising. Affiliates (like me, and hopefully you) that share the app, can get a piece of all types of revenue. Still with me?

So what’s your job if you decide to become an Affiliate? Share a FREE app. That’s it! That’s how simple this is.

United Games - Share Play Earn

For the next few months, UNITED GAMES is going to begin announcing the coming of their app. This early exposure will create 2 types of people – Affiliates (like me) who share the app, and those that just want to play it when it comes out. EVERY SINGLE PERSON  (uh…that means 100% of the players) that downloads this app will be attached to one of our Affiliates in perpetuity. You can be an Affiliate (like me) for as little as $29 one-time fee and $9.95 a month. Or you can just be just a Customer and play for FREE. Yes I said FREE! So it’s coming, people! Do you want to be a follower (player) or a leader (Affilliate)?

Over the next several months, hundreds of thousands of people will hear about this app before it releases and when it hits the app store, we will create an explosion!

UNITED GAMES has already launched and enrollment has begun. The cost is very low for such an incredible opportunity to be paid every time someone downloads and plays our free interactive sports app which will be released this Fall – in time for the football season. This app will go viral and GLOBAL overnight! The $29 one-time enrollment fee and $9.95 monthly technology fee doesn’t even get charged UNTIL the app is launched so there is NO RISK to claim your position in this future billion dollar company. This is just for the Affiliate who wants to make $$$. If you just want to download the app and play for free you don’t pay ANYTHING. Just wait until the app is launched this fall!

Any of you reading this are welcome to join my team and become an Affiliate. Simply email me at drbuff1954@gmail.com or contact me via cell at 253-576-4859. I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions, forward you more information, and get you started. You’ll need my special access code to become an Affiliate, which I’ll gladly provide you when you’re ready to get going.  So what are you waiting for? Remember, this is going to be BIG! We’re just scratching the tip of the iceberg with the FIRST live, interactive, real-time sports eGaming app. Don’t be “That Person” who missed out on the Next Big Thing.

Oh, and feel free to share this! You AND your network of friends can be one of the first to get in on not only this incredible new gaming experience, but this incredible financial opportunity as well! By all means…share away! Let’s get this party started!!

Email: drbuff1954@gmail.com

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