Dr. Buff’s Program

THE DR. BUFF EXPERIENCE is all about helping you, the competitor, athlete, or fitness enthusiast, achieve YOUR best potential.  We focus on and develop the mindset because simply put, the mind is the most powerful muscle in the human body.  Once we understand and tap into our psyche, the impossible becomes possible (within reason, of course).  Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest professional basketball player in the history of the sport, said, “Any fear is an illusion.  You think something is standing in your way, but nothing is really there.  What is there is an opportunity to do your best and gain some success.”  THE DR.BUFF EXPERIENCE facilitates removal of fear, doubt, and apprehension and instills self-confidence, self-assuredness, and self-belief in one’s abilities.
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Dave "Dr. Buff" Patterson and John "Igor" Shephard

2011 IronMountain Championships

  Last year at the 1st Annual IronGod Productions of the IronMountain Championships held in Wenatchee, WA, The Dr. came out in a coffin wheeled out by ‘Igor’ and redefined guest-posing.  This year it’s gonna be even bigger and better!  Can you say Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” routine done bodybuilding-style?     That’s right folks, Gordon Myco’s 2011 Halloween-themed …

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The Thinker

Don’t Over-Analyze Things!

    Sometimes the most effective programs are the simplest programs.  People think complex equals more effective.  Most of the time more complex is just that…more complex!  We have a natural tendency to think more is better, bigger is better, more expensive is better…when in reality, smarter is better.  You don’t have to have a …

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