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David "Dr. Buff" Patterson as the MC at the 2011 Night of Champions


The Dr. Buff Experience is all about helping you, the competitor, athlete, or fitness enthusiast, achieve YOUR best potential.  We focus on and develop the mindset because simply put, the mind is the most powerful muscle in the human body.  Once we understand and tap into our psyche, the impossible becomes possible (within reason, of course).  Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest professional basketball player in the history of the sport, said, “Any fear is an illusion.  You think something is standing in your way, but nothing is really there.  What is there is an opportunity to do your best and gain some success.”  The Dr. Buff Experience facilitates removal of fear, doubt, and apprehension and instills self-confidence, self-assuredness, and self-belief in one’s abilities.

Dave at The Dr. Buff Experience Facility


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  1. Dwight

    Greetings Dr. Buff,

    I would like to speak with you via phone, as I have several questions and concerns regarding my son who participate in high school track and field.


  2. Larry J. Patterson

    Impressed! Last time we saw each other you were a little bit, ha, ha! Buffmaster.

  3. Larry J. Patterson

    Hey Cuz looks good, think i’ll try and give it a go!

  4. terry rudolph

    i want you to teach me how to win i will do everything you tell me to do as long as in the end i am the best i can be

  5. Elaine M Patterson


    I love this news letter. It is so informational. You should get a lot of people wanting to read it. Once I started I could not stop. I haven’t been through it all yet but I just had to stop and write a few lines to you to let you know how proud I am of you. This is the BOMB!!. Absolutely love it. Many blessings to you my brother. Smooches.

    Love you
    Your sis Elaine :)

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