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Aug 26

I have WHAT?!?!?

“You have severe heart damage, Mr. Patterson.” Those words literally knocked me back for a few seconds. Heart damage? ME? I mean, I’m no Jack LaLanne but I’ve maintained my weight, look, and health for close to 40 years! How’d I end up with heart damage was beyond my comprehension initially? How did this happen? WHEN …

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Sep 24

Is Colin Kaepernick REALLY the issue? Part l


There’s a big issue of social injustice right now in this country. Social injustice involving Blacks, Native Americans, Latinos, Mexican and Hispanics, Muslim and Middle Easterners, and probably more that I’m unaware of. Racism to put it bluntly. Regardless of what you see, hear, or read, or what you choose to believe, the problem is …

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Aug 14

Ally Chargualaf: An Open Letter To My Daughter On Her 21st Birthday

Ally Chargualaf-daughter

Every now and then I’m asked, “Doc, why aren’t you writing anymore? I miss your blogs!” Well, to be honest, I have a tendency to write from passion, meaning when I write or share something, I feel strongly about it. Having written probably over 500 blogs, articles, and papers over 30 years, I’m pretty much …

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Jun 14

Sports eGaming: How To Get In On A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

United Games - maxresdefault

Every few years, something new comes along that’s considered a game-changer. Something so unique, so different, so revolutionary that many people just can’t wrap their heads around it. Well, like Samsung, get ready to be introduced to “The Next Big Thing: Sports eGaming”. BUT, not just Sports eGaming, but eGaming with an opportunity to make …

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Apr 22

FLASH FRIDAY SALE – Friday, April 22nd

FLASH FRIDAY SALE – Friday, April 22nd Has it been a week already? Well alrighty then!! Let’s get this party started with our 2nd FLASH FRIDAY SALE!  Just in case you missed last weeks’ email due to oh…just not opening it, or you’re a new subscriber, allow me a few seconds to repeat last weeks’ …

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