Apr 23

Be Perfect Today: Part XXIV – Don’t Settle

“The minute you settle for less than you set out to accomplish, you accomplish even less than you settled for.” David Patterson.

Ladainian-Tomlinson-NikeQuote-Leave-NothingWe’re into the ‘Hell Week’ – the make-or-break week. This is the period where many competitors lose it. They break psychologically. They break physiologically.  They break emotionally. But this is not the time to break.

There’s lots of individuals out there on social media posting daily pics (some even hourly pics), and they look fantastic with a little more than two weeks to go. And many individuals looking at those pics who AREN’T in that kind of condition are beginning to doubt themselves. But remember this. You still have two weeks to go. The people who look great now very well could look better in two weeks. But they could also look worse. Worse because they continue to chase the ‘optimal’ look and actually end up over-dieting. Sometimes when your look is ‘there’ you leave it alone and keep doing what got you that look. Nothing needs to change. Nothing can be improved upon except adding color and the stage lights. Sometimes trying to improve to the ‘nth’ degree can be detrimental. Be careful.

For those that aren’t there yet, but are close, remember, with two weeks to go, a lot can still be done. 3-5 lbs of bodyfat can still be pulled off. That can make a HUGE difference in your appearance. Stay the steady course. Don’t freak out and sabotage yourself by thinking you can’t or won’t make it.

Don’t break emotionally by getting all caught up in how you feel. You feel like crap. You’re supposed to feel like crap. That’s when you know you’re looking your best. Some may feel worse than others but at this point in the game, everyone should be ‘feeling it’, so to speak. Ignore the emotional rollercoaster you’re going to be on for the next few days.

You need to be betterDon’t break physiologically.  Continue to do what built your muscles, size, and shape. Yes, you will not be able to lift as heavy as you did when you were fully carbed up, but that’s to be expected. The muscles’ perception of work will be just as intense depleted as they were fully carbed up though. That’s the important factor. Ignore the pain (the good pain, that is…bad pain is never good). Ignore the fatigue. Push through. It’s almost over.

Don’t break psychologically. Ignore the voices in your head telling you that you can’t do this – that it’s too hard. You CAN do this. So many have paved the way before you, and many will pave the way after you. Yes, this is the road less travelled. But wouldn’t you rather be on this road rather than the road of mediocrity – the road of average?  It’s time to pave your own road. The voices will do their best to tell you, “That’s good enough.” Don’t listen to those voices. For when you do, you settle. And when you settle, you accomplish less than you set out to accomplish.

Don’t break. Don’t settle. Be Perfect Today.

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