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Sep 09

Sometimes you just have to tap out

Joe Rogan-MMA

Most people entering their first local bodybuilding contest OR first National-level competition have absolutely NO idea what they’re getting into. I’m not talking about getting onstage where you THINK you belong. You know – everyone telling you how good you look, that you should go for it, and that you’re gonna crush it BeastMode style. …

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Aug 26

Butter In Your Coffee and Other Cons: Stories From a Fitness Insider

5 seconds apart

Here’s a GREAT blog I saw in the newsfeed of one of my FB friends. I was taught, and teach to this day, that there’s nothing magical about supplements. They’re not steroids. Not in the least. You simply cannot buy an over-the-counter product and have it do what they (the marketers and manufacturers) would have …

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Jul 25

Fit with HIIT: Science Is Dropping The Hammer On Endless Bouts Of Steady-State Cardio. | SimplyShredded.com


I grew up in this Bodybuilding/Fitness/Figure/Physique/Bikini sport on steady-state cardio, mind you, following the principles of one John Parrillo of Parrillo Performance, who advocated high-intensity steady state cardio, meaning getting my heart rate up to 85% or higher of my Vo2 max and sustaining that during 45-60 minutes. But now there’s good research out on …

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Apr 29

Be Perfect Today: Part XXX – 30-for-30: The Final Chapter

Keanu Reeves - Gentlemen-its been an honor

Today is the last day in the ‘Be Perfect Today’ blog series. I’m tired. For over 75 straight days, this 60-year old body has been absolutely perfect in not only the blogs (30 in 30 days) but the training, nutrition, and cardio. How did this come about? Like this… My team was struggling mentally around 3 …

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Apr 28

Be Perfect Today: Part XXVIV – Sometimes Things Just Go Sideways

Rachael DeRoche - takeoff

“Remember, winning – taking 1st Place – isn’t the criteria for success. It’s the effort and sacrifice made for improvement and achievement that is most important. 1st Place is nice. We all want it. That’s what we train for, right? But sometimes that’s just out of our sphere at this point in time.” David R. …

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